Here Is The Native American Code of Ethics That Includes 20 Rules for Mankind to Live by!

Great people from each tribe, religion, culture, or ethnicity respect a particular code of living, which goes beyond the distinctions among people. In October 1994, the Inter-Tribal Times published The Native American Code of Ethics, which is one of the most effective and progressive codes.

It teaches you how to lead an excellent life. Plus, this code’s teachings could also be found in many more faiths and beliefs.

Here Is The Native American Code of Ethics:
  • You need to pray when the sun rises. The Great Spirit will listen to you when you speak.
  • You should be true to yourself. You aren’t able to neither help others nor care for them in case you aren’t able to help yourself.
  • Don’t take what is not yours. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it belongs to a community, culture, nature or person; it isn’t yours to take.
  • Plants, animals, and any other living thing are part of a big family. This means that nature is actually part of us.
  • Respect the privacy of others. It’s forbidden to touch what’s not yours, especially sacred and religious objects.
  • Be conscious of your own reactions and decisions. Also, take responsibility for your own actions.
  • In case you hurt other people, the negativity may come back to you. That’s why you should avoid doing it.
  • Kids are the future of the world. You should teach them how to be wise as well as how to love. You should also give them space to grow.
  • Always think positive. Negative thinking can lead to diseases in the spirit, body, and mind.
  • Honor and respect your guests. Give them the best food and the best bed.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why they should be forgiven.
  • Don’t talk bad about others. When you talk bad the negative energy that you release to the universe may be doubled when it comes back to you.
  • Allow others to express themselves. Respect their wishes, thoughts, and words. Don’t interrupt, mimic, nor mock them.
  • Respect everything on the planet whether plants or people.
  • Take care of yourself. You should strengthen your body to have a strong mind. Your physics, emotions, spirit, and mind should be strong, pure, and healthy.
  • Always be honest because honesty is one of the best things in the universe.
  • Tolerate those that have lost their way. In addition, a lost soul is full of greed, anger, vanity, jealousy, and ignorance. Therefore, you should pray for these people to find their ways.
  • Volunteer and share your fortune with people that need it.
  • Show respect towards each belief and religion.
  • As it’s your path, you need to make it yourself. Don’t allow others to make it for you. Others can keep you company on the way, but they can’t walk it instead of you.

Despite the fact we have different religion, faith, culture, and belief, we are actually all the same. Also, we don’t own the planet; we are just visitors here. That’s why we shouldn’t destroy it.


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