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Treat Cancer With The Help Of Watercress And Broccoli! Here’s How!

Watercress and broccoli have the ability to lower the risks of development of cancer. They contain high levels of anti-oxidants. The watercress and broccoli are well-known for their anti-cancer beneficial properties.


  • Watercress has a peppery taste and it is packed with nutrients. Because of the vitamins and minerals it contains, watercress has 312 percent intake for vitamin K and vitamin Ca as well.
  • It has the ability to protect the DNA of the body from damaging.
  • The broccoli is abundant in vitamin D, fibers and other types of glucosinolate phyto-nutrients that have the ability to aid the body to cleanse and to clean the body from all illnesses and infections.


These two vegetables can help reduce the risk of the development of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. They contain glucosinolates that as a result of the phyto-chemicals produce isothiocyanates. The properties that these substances have can stop the signals that the tumors send to the brain to encourage them to keep growing.

By chewing these veggies you release enzymes that can clear the body, as well as help it fight against cancer. PEITC is a compound named phenanthrylisothiocyanate that is present in the broccoli and watercress, and they likewise aid in the prevention of cancer. This effect of prevention of the growth of the carcinogenic cells with the help of watercress and broccoli has been demonstrated by numerous studies.


What chemotherapy does is attack the big tumors in the body. And in addition to this, another big issue is the big amount of radiation that you are exposed to. This treatment can help minimize and remove the carcinogenic cells, but they are still in the body. Some researches were conducted that demonstrated that the PEITC present in broccoli and watercress has the ability to eliminate carcinogenic cells in only 24 hours.

This research was conducted in an isolated lab test, therefore if they are made in the body the results may differ, but the truth is clear: the substances present in broccoli and watercress hinder and eliminate the carcinogenic cells. If you eat these vegetables you are only going to benefit from this incredible substances.


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